Navn: Simon Andreas Årby aka Lommerusk

HCP: 18.8

Beste runde 9 hull:

39 (Sandefjord Golf front 9)

Beste Runde 18 hull:

Nøtterøy Golf 110

Sandefjord Golf 89

I baggen:

11.5 Driver (250m)

5 wood (220m)

4 iron (170)

5 iron (160m)

6 iron (150m)

7 iron (135m)

8 iron (120m)

9 iron (110m)

9 iron (stålskaft)(125m)

Pitching Wedge (110m)

Sand Wedge (65m)

60 grader Wedge (55m)

Putter. (35m)

Par streak: 3 (15, 16, 17 SfjGK)

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